Eye for Eye

March 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

– Augusto de Campos

After founding Brazil’s concrete poetry movement in the 1950s with his brother, Augusto de Campos became increasingly interested in the visual aspects of poetry. “Eye for Eye” is a pop-concrete concoction that subverts an optometrist’s eye chart by using pictures of actual eyes and playing with proportion; the chart’s lines grow gradually larger with the very top line almost inscrutable (a visual pun: the letter I enclosed in a red triangle) and the bottom lines made of easy-to-see eyeballs (although Brigitte Bardot’s lips make an appearance in the penultimate row next to Elizabeth Taylor’s heavily mascara’d oculus).

Not just a literal eye chart, de Campos includes lips and fingernails which, in this context, begin to look like the eyes surrounding them.

A reference sheet to the various body parts can be found here.

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